Currency trading Machine Review

Avi Frister, author of Currency trading Machine has been and it is still earning profits and huge success as a full time professional Trader and educator. adhere to what they state that he has thoroughly tested several trading strategies, indicators, methods and systems. Just how many? COUNTLESS! Trading is the love and treats it passionately. Eleven Years of trading experience has taught him a lot of valuable lessons.

forex trading strategies

The most important lessons which he strictly follow are, being "INNOVATIVE, DIFFERENT and ORIGINAL." Why? Because following 99% of trading strategies that traders is not enough and is NOT certain to cause you to successful. Meaning you need to be that 1%. But exactly how?

forex trading

Currency trading Machine fused those 3 important lessons in it's 3 main strategies. This is one way you're going to be that successful 1%.

1. Cash Cow Strategy: The safest of the three strategies. This can be easily called a "set it and end up forgetting it" trading method. It really works employing a daily chart in which a cost is watched to see if it moves a certain distance during 1 day. When the price markers are hit the following day then your likelihood of a fair gain are great. This is most effective with the GBP/USD and EUR/USD pairs.
2. Forex Runner: Can be a "trade if you have time" strategy. Considering that the forex market is a Round the clock market, you will find the luxury to decide exactly when it's far better to for you to put Forex Runner to operate. Become familiar with how you can exploit the daily range of the major pairs. Simply follow simple instructions and... wait for results.
3. Flip and Go Strategy: Primarily a day trading method. It demonstrates how to take benefit of a specific sign of the EUR/USD pair which is the most liquid of the currency pairs.


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